Hatha Flow & Gentle Yoga

Hatha Flow & Gentle Yoga

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Yoga with Izzy Webster

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Contact Izzy for more info or to book: 07725 345 385 / isobel@thespaceburston.com

Hatha Flow:

Izzy teaches a fusion of gentle flow and Hatha yoga, which uplifts and balances both body and mind. Incorporating techniques such as pranayama (yogic breathing), her classes will leave you feeling energised, yet calm.

Izzy invites you to join her for a fusion of flowing Hatha Yoga, uplifting and balancing your body and mind. Izzy is able to adapt her classes to suit the needs of all her students, guiding you through a range of practices. Monthly you’ll have a chance to enjoy yoga nidra ( a 30 minute guided deep relaxation ), & Yin Yoga ( relaxing held poses to deepen flexibility ).

Gentle Yoga:

This slow paced class is perfect for anyone who enjoys a gentler paced class. Simple movements designed to build up and maintain healthy joints, overall strength, flexibility, focus, and increased energy. This relaxing class is also ideal for you if you’re new to yoga. Accessible practices help to create a sense of peace and calm in body and mind, whilst leaving you feeling uplifted and balanced.