John-Paul Fojut : Holistic Massage

John-Paul Fojut

I’ve been practicing since 2013, after qualifying with a Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage from the East Anglian branch of the Massage Training Institute.  My ongoing training in new methods and techniques ensures you always get the most appropriate massage possible.  I have a keen interest in how the body works as a unified system and what happens to us when we force it into unnatural patterns of movement.

The wide range of techniques provided by the Massage Training Institute allows me to offer an individually tailored service, completely dependent on your requirements, including but not limited to...
Massage for relaxation and the relief of stress or anxiety.
Deeper massage for habitual or postural tension.
Site specific mobilisations to help with areas of stiffness around the joints and back.
Advice on self-massage and stretches to keep you functioning at your best between treatments.

I have a desire to see people inhabit their bodies with ease and get the most from them.  Personal experience of injury taught me the importance of looking after my body and left me with a desire to assist people to avoid a similar experience. I aim to help you understand how to use your body well, not just treat it after injury or overuse.