From September we will have two Pilates teachers at The Space, so you can practice on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday! For our full class timetable please click here, and for more info about our teachers please read on below:

Clinical Pilates with Laura McGeary;

Come and join our clinical pilates courses, taken by physiotherapists .  Small friendly classes for confidence in technique, and best results. Our combined matwork and small equipment classes stimulate mind and body to target the deep postural muscles, enhancing core stability and postural endurance. These classes are taught using APPI methods, the leading educators of safe and affective pilates teaching for physiotherapists.  

Class timetable: Tuesday: 7.30am, 12pm, 1pm, 6pm and 7pm Wednesday: 12pm £8 per class, payable in 8-week blocks.

Contact Laura: 07812 758 596 / info@lauramcgeary-physio.co.uk

Click here for the Pilates class timetable www.lauramcgeary-physio.co.uk


Please read on below for a little info from our wonderful new teacher Naomi;

‘I have trained in Matt Pilates with Stott & have a keen interest in the biomechanics of the body and firmly believe in the safe and effective teaching of movement to prevent injuries and maximise potential. I aim to create an energetic and inspiring atmosphere, so people will rejoice in their movement while working mindfully. To me, it’s about wholeness and a path to complete well being, on all levels. With a rich background in dance and movement, I bring creativity into each Pilates class. Pilates has given me confidence, strength and focuses throughout my training and journey in life, it brings me so much joy to share this amazing technique with you.’

Class timetable: Mondays: 7.30am, 12pm, 7pm. £8 per class, payable in 8-week blocks.

1:1 classes available too.

Contact Naomi: 07826213968 / naomicarmenjameson@gmail.com