COVID-19 UPDATE: Kirsty is offering online Boxercise classes, via Zoom & Facebook. Some classes are FREE on Facebook live via K L Barker Fitness. Please read below for more details;

Monday 12:00pm –   Boxercise, on Zoom, open to all, will be a slightly easier class with added alternatives for those who want to make it harder. £5 a class.
 Tuesday 18:00 – Boxercise, open to all. This will be more challenging than Monday’s class, with easier alternatives to make it inclusive for all. £5 a class.
Both classes will be shadow boxing with general fitness and toning exercises. A gym mat would be ideal and two sports sized water bottles, exactly the same size, filled up, to use as light weights.
 Thursday 10:30am – 30 minute seated mobility class. This is a slow class, with all seated exercises aimed at those who are unable to stand easily but still want to keep moving. FREE on Facebook live via K L Barker Fitness.
 11:15 – Standing mobility class. For those who are still struggling to move but can stand with or with out assistance. Again this is FREE on Facebook live via K L Barker fitness. 
Both classes are ideal for the elderly and weak who are self isolating or those who are just recovering from COVID 19 and trying to regain some movement or energy.
 Friday 10am – Circuit style class via Zoom. £5 a class. This is like a normal circuit, changing between exercises at certain intervals with set rest, but you’ll be in one place rather than moving around the room.
For Zoom classes, attendees can book on via GymCatch under boxercise with Kirsty or by emailing pt.pswithkirsty@gmail com. Once she has received a booking confirmation on GymCatch or payment via bank transfer she will add the attendee to the class on Zoom. 
Boxercise is a fun class, that will really work you hard. It will help increase both your strength and fitness. Classes give you all the fundamentals of boxing without the physical contact other than with pads. The class can include pad work, shadow boxing, aerobic exercises, strength and toning exercises, circuit style classes and even games to keep it interesting.
Mondays* 12.15-13.00
Tuesdays 18.45-19.45
*Monday classes will be ladies only aimed at those who may see boxercise as intimidating.

Both classes will be 16 years+

Classes will be £5 per session.

Contact Kirsty Barker to book: 07950 799 906 /

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