Confidence Building

COVID-19 UPDATE  – Victoria is offering sessions in person at The Space. Please contact her for more details & bookings.
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Victoria worked as a registered nurse in the NHS for many years in both clinical
practice and in senior management. She founded The Norfolk Coaching Company
from her passion of supporting people to achieve their goals and seeing the
many positive outcomes it gives people. Please read on below for more details.
This is for any individual wanting to increase their confidence. You may be
struggling with speaking up in meetings, or social occasions, or speaking up for
yourself in various relationships. You may not feel confident enough to go for a
​promotion/apply for a job. Wherever you are lacking in confidence, some
coaching sessions with Victoria will help you to find that confidence.
As business owners and managers, we have all led people who have taken a
knock in their confidence. We have seen intelligent, bright capable people
become a shell of their former self. This may have initially presented in a
different behaviour presented by an individual or they may have been deemed
disruptive or you may have noticed they have stopped speaking up in meetings
and appear withdrawn. You may also have noticed an increase in absence or
Victoria gets to the root cause and identifies any limiting beliefs. Confidence is
built upon by effective listening, helping to identify values and various
confidence building activities.
All sessions are individualised for you. The aim is to make it a fun learning
process, equipping you with new skills and strategies.
Contact Victoria:
to book a session.
Fees: £85 per 90 minute session. Payment via PayPal.