You’ll be reassured to know that we have taken every possible step to ensure the safety of our wellbeing community as we reopen our doors after lockdown.  We have followed government guidelines closely, & just some of the changes we have introduced are listed below. We hope these give you confidence in visiting us soon, in the knowledge that we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety;

  • Health screenings before every appointment & PPE for all close contact appointments.
  • We have temporarily removed the waiting areas, you’ll be asked to wait in your car / in the carpark until your therapist asks you to come in.
  • Very thorough hygiene measures: Your therapist/teacher and The Space as a whole will be maintaining a very strict hygiene regime, & have been provided with detailed information to ensure they do so correctly. This will include allowing a minimum of 30 minutes between clients to ventilate the room and thoroughly clean the equipment, surfaces, door handles, chairs etc. within the room with antiviral spray. All rooms that have been used will be deep-cleaned with anti-viral spray at the end of each day. We have removed communal seating areas & any extra additional ‘clutter’ in line with health & safety guidelines.
  • Hand sanitiser placed at every entrance & toilet. Separate entrances will be used for each room ( we are lucky that we have many external doors, making this easy to do ).
  • Antiviral wipes, plus new hand towel dispensers & loo paper dispensers in each bathroom.
  • Social distancing: although it’s not possible to maintain distance during hands-on treatments, at other times efforts will be made to maintain social distance – ie. consultation, note taking, aftercare etc. Please attend on your own where possible. If you are accompanied by children you are responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Refreshments: please bring your own bottles of water or drink.
  • Confirmed case of COVID-19: in the event that you start to display symptoms of the virus or it is confirmed to have the virus after being at The Space, please inform us so that we can perform the necessary measures.
  • Posters are positioned throughout The Space to remind everyone to follow the correct social distancing & hygiene measures.

We have written the risk assessment below, following Government guidelines: