Donna Rae Walls

Bowen Therapy

COVID-19 UPDATE: Although Donna is currently unable to offer treatments, please feel free to contact her for enquiries & to join a waiting list for bookings which can take place as soon as we are able to return to The Space. 

Contact: or 01379 608 807 / 07742 051 532

A little about Donna Rae…

Donna Rae is a fully qualified and insured Bowen practitioner.

She has been practising human Bowen since 2006 and equine Bowen since 2009.

Donna Rae came across Bowen when she had a knee injury, and was very surprised at how effective such a gentle treatment could be. Donna Rae was already thinking about doing therapy for horses – and Bowen seemed to be the answer.

As a riding instructor, it was the the missing link. Donna Rae now looks at the biomechanics of the horse and rider, before giving text-book instructions.

The technique is a very gentle therapy using fingers and thumbs over specific areas of the body to cause a vibration, and thereby hydrating the fascia, and allowing the body to realign itself.

It can be performed over light clothing, and may help with muscular, skeletal and emotional complaints.

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