Evonne Prince

Physiotherapy, Acupuncture & Dru Yoga

Contact: 07500 904148

A little about Evonne…

Evonne Prince (formally Jefford) has been practising as a physiotherapist for
over twenty years having qualified at The Royal London Hospital. During that
time, she has travelled and worked in both New Zealand and Australia before
completing her masters in manual therapy in Perth, WA. As part of her post
graduate training Evonne has developed a high level of diagnostic and clinical
reasoning skills which enables her to confidently assess and diagnose most
conditions that she is presented with in clinic. She will then discuss her
findings with patients, giving a clear and reasoned approach that may form the
basis of the most appropriate management plan. Evonne will also discuss a
likely prognosis and provide details of timescale and cost involved in order to
regain your full functional ability once more. Whether its back pain, knee pain,
shoulder, neck or migraine, Evonne will be able to assist you back to good
health again.

Evonne teaches Dru Yoga which is a very gentle form of yoga which has its roots in
Hatha yoga combining traditional Asanas (postures) with Pranayama (breath
work) in both sequences and flowing postures. It is suitable for all ages and
abilities (including post-surgery or injury) and is particularly focused on
creating movement and strength within the spine and the whole body.

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