Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology with Zoie Tuley

Contact: Zoie@tuley.co.uk / 07968 903 567

Mondays 13.30 – 19.00
Wednesdays 9.45 – 14.30
Thursdays 9.45 – 14.30
One Saturday a month

Other times may be available on request; please contact Zoie for bookings and enquiries.

30 minutes: £25
45 minutes: £31
60 minutes: £36

As a reflexologist I believe that 10 zones of body represented on your feet continue throughout your body and therefore can be found on your face and individual treatment plans can be created specific to your needs.

The benefits of facial reflexology

• By working closer to the brain gives a more immediate effect from the reflexology treatment

• Relieves the effects of stress, can bring about calmness and relaxation

• Can improves circulation to face and head area, thereby speeding up the exchange of oxygen, nutrients , carbon dioxide and waste products

• Can improves lymphatic drainage

• Can relieves tension in muscle tissue

• Can relieves mental strain and improves concentration

• Can helps relieve sinusitis/congestion

• Can rejuvenate the skin leaving the face glowing and radiant

This incredibly relaxing treatment lasts for approximately 45 mins

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