Gong and Sound Bath – 28 Mar

Gong and Sound Bath with Ian

Saturday 28 March, 16.30 – 17.30

£12, book via the following link https://www.yogawithian.com/book-online

For enquiries please contact Ian: ian@yogawithian.com / 07877 358 163

Take yourself on a journey of deep relaxation. Calm the body and the mind with the soothing sounds and vibration of Tibetan and Crystal bowls, Gong, Tuned pipes, Happi drum, thunder box and chimes.

Deep relaxation encourages the body to heal and the mind to be still. Often tension in the body is reflected in the mind and vice versa, in some circumstances this can lead to a never ending loop of stress, anxiety and ill health. A sound bath can provide an opportunity to allow the body and mind to be still and reset.

There is a limited number of Yoga mats, blankets and bolsters available. Please feel free to bring your own with you.

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