‘Have the birth you really want feeling calm and in control!’

Hypnobirthing in Norfolk and Suffolk with Maya Wellbeing

I use the Hypnobirth programme produced by ‘Fertility2birth’; it is an amazing programme consisting of individual sessions of three, two hour sessions with you and your birth partner (or on your own) in which you learn the tools to help you have a relaxed and controlled birth. This is a whole birth education programme which is advocated by midwives.

Ideally the first session is held when you are 30 weeks pregnant then at 32 weeks and then 34 weeks so that you have time to practice the techniques and listen to the hypnosis recordings. This can be carried out earlier or later.

Using Hypnosis to support you in labour has been researched and found to reduce the length of the first stage of labour from 50 to 37 minutes.

This programme aims to remove all of the fears associated with birth. It empowers you and your birthing partner to have control and confidence to make choices about the birth you really want and it gives the birthing partner a clear supportive role that is practised beforehand.

I am passionate about supporting and empowering women and their birthing partners to have the most positive birth experience possible through Hypnobirthing and hypnosis.

Karen Bromley. Dip Hyp Cs       www.mayawellbeing.co.uk        karen@mayawellbeing.co.uk