Jaqueline Coleman

Pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and pre-school yoga

COVID-19 UPDATE: Although Jaqueline is currently unable to offer classes, please feel free to contact her for enquiries & to join a waiting list for classes which can take place as soon as we are able to return to The Space.

Contact: 07979 885 808 or jaqueline@zenmuma.co.uk

A little about Jaqueline…

As a Mum of 2, Jaqueline felt quite lonely and often isolated. After the birth of her second child, she returned to work for her local swim school at the council pool. Jaqueline absolutely loved it! In October 2017 she trained as an aqua-natal yoga instructor. Having that close connection with women postnatally in baby swim sessions was so important, and she realised this even more having become a mum herself.

With the birth of Jaqueline’s second baby she became interested in becoming a hypnobirthing practitioner and discovered Jackie Heffer-Cooke the founder of ZenMuma. Looking at how naturally pregnancy yoga linked in with hypnobirthing and the natural progression from pregnancy yoga into mum and baby yoga to active baby yoga, Jaqueline decided to do the full ZenMuma Certification. She has found a great passion in what she does, seeing how it has benefited her children and being able to share this with so many others is really fulfilling her dreams and aspirations. Jaqueline is a firm believer that these classes make a more positive and empowering difference to birthing and parenting.

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