Menopause Support

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Menopause Awareness & Support

Registered nurse Victoria provides both 1-1 Menopause consultations and Menopause Awareness & Support Workshops. Trained and certified in menopause education and is a member of the British Menopause Society. We take professionalism seriously.

To this day many GP’s are not provided with training in the menopause, therefore it can be a lucky dip if women go to a GP with menopause symptoms and get the appropriate treatment or even up-to-date advice. Many women have been misdiagnosed with conditions such as fibromyalgia, thrush or depression however, their impacting symptoms remain. Victoria empowers women by providing relevant, up to date information to enable women to make an informed choice.

Did you know that the symptoms of menopause are not simply the cessation of periods and commencement of hot flushes?

There is a vast array of symptoms that can arise and impact on a woman due to fluctuating and diminishing levels of oestrogen. Some women experience mild symptoms that are bearable to them. Whilst others really suffer immensely with a detrimental impact on their physical, emotional and mental health. Women’s confidence and self-esteem can take a huge dip, energy levels can go South while fatigue is like a heavy blanket and all symptoms can impact on their enjoyment of life.

The average age of menopause is 51 however, many women start with the peri-menopause years prior to this and it can happen at any time. Some women have premature ovarian insufficiency, and this can even happen during the 20’s. There is also surgical induced menopause following hysterectomy/oophorectomy. Victoria believes that regardless of age and cause, women deserve the right support.

Many women tell Victoria that they ‘miss who they were’, they report symptoms such as ‘no or very low energy’, they no longer feel any ‘joy about things’, they may have diminished concentration levels and forget what they were saying midsentence. These are just a tiny sample of peri-menopause symptoms.

The 1-1 Menopause consultations are held at The Space. These sessions are 90 minutes in a relaxing private environment where you will feel at ease. At all times ensuring your privacy and confidentiality of information. You will have a full, holistic comprehensive assessment of your needs. Victoria will work with you, to enable you to make the right choices for you.

Recommend 2 sessions (some individuals prefer more in a supportive capacity).

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Fees: £85 per 90 minute session. Payment via PayPal.