New Wednesday Yoga Class

Izzy is delighted to be starting a new Wednesday morning Gentle Yoga class!

Gentle Yoga

Izzy aims to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in all of her sessions, allowing you to receive the best from your practice.

This slow paced class is perfect for all abilities and anyone who enjoys a gentler paced class. Simple movements designed to build up and maintain healthy joints, overall strength, flexibility, focus, energy, and above all – a sense of calm. This relaxing class is also ideal for you if you’re new to yoga. Accessible practices help to create a sense of peace and calm in body and mind, whilst leaving you feeling uplifted and balanced. You are welcome to join us in a chair, if chair yoga is ideal for you at this time.

Pre-booking is required. Please contact Izzy on 07725 345 385 / for bookings and any questions.

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Read on below for some glowing student testimonials

“I often enter my yoga classes frazzled and tired, but I always leave feeling refreshed, calm and stretched. Izzy is a natural and empathic teacher. She creates a haven of peace and makes time to be in tune with individual student needs. I simply can’t recommend her highly enough. All this and a terrific beautiful space to practise in – what more can you ask?”
Deborah Vassey

“Izzy’s experience in yoga practice shows through – approachable, clear instruction and positive encouragement.   I always look forward to my weekly class.”
Helen G

“I am so grateful to Izzy for bringing me back to Yoga! Izzy’s gentle and positive instruction has helped me to reconnect not just with my body, which is now pain free, but also my emotional health.  She listens to her students and designs her classes accordingly so that each one feels tailored to your needs… a rare skill”

“I would highly recommend Izzy’s yoga classes to all levels of experience, beginners up, even if you have never tried yoga the class is welcoming and Izzy is supportive to all.”
Caroline Vahora

“Isobel’s Yoga classes are very friendly, and full of positive energy. I find the classes enormously beneficial, as Isobel is both highly knowledgeable and professional. She is able to adapt her teaching and will give specific individual instruction, if needed.  She also includes other Yoga techniques, as well as exercises, to help balance the body and the mind. I find the classes are both relaxed and relaxing. I am thrilled at the progress I am making.”
Helen Migliorato

“I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed classes with Izzy, being small in size means they are friendly and fun whilst remaining challenging. Izzy is very understanding of individual needs and goes out of her way to ensure classes are personalised to suit everyone attending. The Space provides a welcoming and calm location for contemplative yoga whatever your ability.”

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