Osteopathy with Zoë Clark

Contact: 07543 557 746 / zoeclarkosteopath@gmail.com / www.zoeclarkosteopathy.co.uk

Zoë Clark, M.Ost ND DO

Registered Osteopath

The most commonly treated conditions are:
Back pain
Sciatica/disc problems
Arthritic pain
Rheumatic pain
Hip and knee osteoarthritis (with exercises)
Joint pains/generalised aches and pains
Headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic)
Migraine prevention
Frozen shoulder associated with neck/back problems
Minor sports injuries and tensions
Tennis/golfers elbow associated with neck/back problems
Uncomplicated mechanical neck pain

Appointments available on Thursdays 11am-6pm.
Tuesday appointments coming soon.

For new patient consultations, please allow up to one hour. For treatments, please allow 30-45 minutes

All sessions are £42

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