Izzy Webster

Yoga, Holistic Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Thai foot Reflexology Massage

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Yoga with Izzy Webster


Izzy is currently offering interactive video classes on Zoom on Wednesdays at 11:15, Thursdays 6:15 pm & Fridays 10:15am. These classes are also available as recordings, & have been really successful. They are a wonderful way to experience the social benefits of a group yoga practice, while receiving guidance & corrections from Izzy. Simply contact Izzy for a booking & receive a simple link to join the class! She’s offering 30% off 1:1’s for new students, & personalised Yoga Nidra ( deep relaxation ) recordings too. Please click here for our Class Timetable & scroll down for some lovely Zoom class testimonials.
Contact Izzy on 07725345385 and isobel@thespaceburston.com 
Contact Izzy to schedule a brief Zoom call, to help you get set up before your first class.
Here are some testimonials for Izzy’s Zoom video classes: 
“Thank you for setting up our yoga sessions via zoom, I absolutely loved it today.
It felt so good to take part in something that I normally would do and it was great seeing everybody again.”
“I can’t thank you enough for setting up the Zoom yoga class, it was fabulous to see you and was something to look forward to.
Keep up the good work Izzy.” Samantha
“It was so great to see everyone and have a chat at our Zoom class on Wednesday. The lesson was brilliant and we all felt the benefits of doing our stretches and relaxation together. If you haven’t given it a go yet, I can thoroughly recommend you do. I’m new to Zoom, the programme we’re using, but it was easy to download and get on line. Great to stop that self isolation feeling.” Helen


“In this strange and slightly scary world we’re all living in at the minute it is so good to discover a little oasis of loveliness. A couple of weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought I would be stretched out on a mat in my tiny study at home doing a yoga class on Friday morning and , not only that, it would be via the marvels of the airwaves , or Zoom as we technical experts call it. Despite my reservations about my technical abilities (ask my kids) it couldn’t have been easier to get connected. And so nice to have contact with other human beings (my husband doesn’t count). Under Izzy’s expert guidance I was able to enjoy an hour and a half of time for myself, time to recharge physically and mentally, and I came away with some useful tools to help tackle the anxiety that we’re all feeling just now. So good. And my cat enjoyed it too – he had to have a wander in to take a look, he’s thinking about joining in next week. Thank you Izzy. Perfect!” Mari


“Many thanks for getting our new Zoom based class underway. I thought it worked really well given that we cannot meet any other way at the moment. Seeing you demonstrate and talk us through each exercise was very effective and it made all the difference that you could also see us and give us useful feedback. It was also good to be able to chat to each member of the group and break down some of the isolation that can build so quickly in our lives. Looking forward to next session and seeing everybody again. Keep up the good work.” Rob 
“I really enjoyed our Zoom Yoga session, it worked so well and Zoom is fantastic! What a great way to connect people and get them doing Yoga together, well worth it.” Linsey
” I must admit I was a tad sceptical about the virtual class. However I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to join, following the links that Izzy provided. As soon as we settled into the familiar routine of the class, with Izzy’s calming voice, all my fears were allayed. It was lovely to catch up with all my fellow yogis too. Will definitely be back next week ” Jo Rodwell
“I really enjoyed my yoga class with Izzy via Zoom. It was easy to join up with a link sent by Izzy. Fun to see her in her house, and also so good to see other class members and to have our usual catchup chat! The picture is good and Izzy’s voice is loud and clear. It works well if you are used to the classes already, as Izzy talks us through the moves in the usual way. It’s really not so different from a normal class”. Jo Webster
“I have been attending Izzy’s yoga at the space for over two years and find yoga really helps me to keep calm and supple. It’s an hour in the week for me. In this current situation I was feeling anxious about everything and not being able to go to yoga didn’t help. Although I’m not really very good with  IT I easily downloaded the Zoom app and joined the classes. It was good to see the other people who I usually see weekly and Izzy led the class as usual,  her voice came across clearly. It felt almost like we were at The Space. Being able to continue some kind of normality will be so welcome at present and the regular yoga practice will help our physical and mental health through this worldwide crisis. Thank you Izzy”

A little about Izzy…

Having trained over the course of 18 months in India and Thailand, Izzy is able to offer Yoga classes and Thai Yoga Massage with an authenticity direct from the source. Experiencing the transformative healing powers of Yoga first hand, Izzy was inspired to continue her Yogic journey, qualifying in numerous teacher trainings throughout India. She has not looked back since.  Incorporating what she teaches in to a way of life, she continued to teach classes & assist teacher trainings in India, & to teach a week long Yoga retreat in Sardinia. Deepening her knowledge she has achieved first class distinctions in Advanced Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, and Yoga Psychology.

The strong parallels between Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage lead her to Northern Thailand, where she studied this ancient therapy, specialising in Thai Foot Reflexology Massage.She has subsequently qualified as a holistic massage therapist. Driven by a heartfelt wish to share what she has learnt, the benefits she continues to derive from her own yoga practice, and to continue this lifelong path of learning, she is delighted to be home as part of the wonderful team at The Space. Izzy runs The Space alongside her sister Lisa, & just loves the work of bringing this wonderful & ever growing wellbeing community together.

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