Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Please note that Izzy is away doing yoga training between February 15th – March 23rd 2020, & will not be contactable during this time. For bookings & enquiries please email Izzy on & she will reply to you when possible after her return.

For general enquiries while Izzy is away please contact Lisa on


Prenatal Yoga

This specially designed class uses gentle and safe methods, enabling optimum physical, mental, emotional wellbeing for Mum & Baby.

Amongst so many benefits, prenatal Yoga can help you to…

Develop a peaceful, calm pregnancy & birth experience.

Relax and manage stress, develop emotional wellbeing.

Increase energy levels.

Develop strength & flexibility, aiding pregnancy & birth.

Strengthen your back & improve your posture.

Have a natural & healthy birth.

Improved balance, co-ordination & stability.

Manage pain during labor.

Create a bond and connection between you & your child.

Balance & stabilize your emotions.

Promote positive feelings.

Feel empowered.

Honor yourself & enjoy the special time of pregnancy.

Improve your concentration & clarity.

Improve your immunity.

Connect with other mums-to-be.


Postnatal Yoga – Classes available at The space and in Norwich.

 Through gentle stretches, yogic breathing, guided relaxation and mantra chanting, Postnatal Yoga has so many benefits. Just some of these are:

Strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, lower back.

Toning the uterus and bringing it back into its pre-pregnancy shape and position

Helping to prevent and heal postnatal depression

Promoting a fast recovery

Improving posture and releasing tension

Balancing and calming the emotions, recharging and giving energy.

Improving overall well-being

Meeting with other new mothers to create a social & supportive and network of local mums.