Pre-school Yoga

Pre-School Yoga (approx. 2 years until starting school) 9:30-10:15am – Mondays

ZenMuma Jaqueline pre-school yoga aims to give you and your little ones a safe, calm friendly environment to come together with other local families, to meet new people and build  a community of positive and encouraging families who support each other.

The classes are designed with the right balance of movement to promote physical development, balance, strength and co-ordination along with moments of calm and stillness to focus the mind, encourage good well-being, a more positive mindset and relaxation.

Each session will fulfil its own adventure, exploring imaginations, playing games and plenty of role play. The building blocks into an active, positive and creative future.


6 January – 10 February (6 weeks) £30 for the course or £7.50 drop in.

24 February – 30 March (6 weeks) £30 for the course or £7.50 drop in.

20 April – 18 May ( 5 weeks) £25 for the course or £7.50 drop in.

1 June – 6 July (6 weeks) £30 for the course or £7.50 drop in.

To book or for more info contact Jaqueline: 07979 885 808 or 

Read more about Jaqueline on her page.