Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga (from 14 weeks pregnant until birth) 18:45-20:00 – Thursdays

Jaqueline’s vision for her pregnancy yoga classes is to bring together a community of empowering and supportive pregnant women. Together we will talk honestly about pregnancy, learn how to check in with ourselves, “how are you feeling today?” So that we can use our posture and poses, our breath, and our relaxation techniques to feel more comfortable, empowered and have a better sense of well being to continue our pregnancy journey together in harmony.

Each course will include a practise birth rehearsal session. Looking mindfully at the optimal positions for birthing and ways to promote good hormone release to enable birthing in a more calm, controlled way with ease and comfort.

10th September – 8th October 2020 ( 5 weeks ) £45 for the course or £10 drop in.
15th October- 12th November 2020 ( 5 weeks ) £45 for the course or £10 drop in.
19th November- 17th December 2020 ( 5 weeks ) £45 for the course or £10 drop in.

To book or for more info contact Jaqueline: 07979 885 808 or 

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