Professional Development

COVID-19 UPDATE  -Victoria is offering sessions in person at The Space. Please contact her for more details & bookings
Contact Victoria: to book a session.
Victoria worked as a registered nurse in the NHS for many years in both clinical
practice and in senior management. She founded The Norfolk Coaching Company
from her passion of supporting people to achieve their goals and seeing the
many positive outcomes it gives people. Please read on below for more details.
The Professional development coaching is aimed at junior or new employees and
can work alongside your company induction. It is also useful either prior to or
post appraisal.
You may have someone who has the right technical experience and eagerness to
apply for a promotion however, they may be lacking the right professional
behaviours expected at the next level. Professional development coaching helps
people to be the best version of their professional self.
Victoria uses a variety of coaching models and activities; each coaching journey
is personalised for the individual’s requirements.
Recommend up to 6 sessions of 90 minutes.
Contact Victoria:
to book a session.
Fees: £85 per 90 minute session. Payment via PayPal.