Sacha Beckham

Modern Pilates
Contact: / 07930 482 181

COVID-19 UPDATE: Sacha is offering online group & 1:1 classes via Zoom. 

Join Sacha’s Modern Pilates classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays  9.30am, 6pm and 7pm from anywhere in the world. 1:1 sessions also available. On signing up, you will be sent a link to attend a small group class with Sacha, with live feedback through Zoom. 

Sacha’s classes are FREE this week ( 7th & 9th April ) and she is welcoming new people from next week too. A new 6 week block starts again after Easter. 

Zoom Pilates with Sacha Testimonials:

‘Yesterday Sacha and I trialled a virtual class using Zoom and it was absolutely wonderful! I’ve been attending classes for a few years now and found it easy to adapt to practicing at home with the familiar music in the background and Sacha demonstrating on camera and talking me through the class. At the end of the hour I felt as good as if I’d been in the venue with her. A positive experience which I’m looking forward to continuing. Thoroughly recommend. 5 out of 5 from me. Thank you Sacha x’

‘The magic still works from home, had a lovely nights sleep. Thank you Sacha’

‘Just a quick note to say Thank you for setting this up. It always does take a lot of time and effort, and I really appreciate what you have done. You can count me in automatically definitely for one, and wherever the option is possible – two sessions.  I felt very stressed this afternoon, joining the class was really calming’  

As well as Pilates, Sacha also teaches seated Zumba Gold. Watch this video for more information:

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Sacha Beckham

Contact: / 07930 482 181

A little bit about Sacha…

Sacha qualified as a CYQ L3 Matwork Pilates Instructor in 2010 after working for many years in IT. Most of her time in IT was spent working as an Analyst. It was her own debilitating injury that led Sacha to try Pilates. Sacha fell in love with Pilates and the benefits and her analytical brain meant that she was keen to learn much more about it. Her passion meant that although she initially wanted to use Pilates to help herself she soon wanted to help others and that is when she started teaching.

Sacha’s holistic approach means that her Pilates classes are very much Mind, Body and Spirit Classes, focusing on physical and mental wellbeing. Her Matwork classes are taught at a very relaxed pace and are very mindful. All Sacha’s classes are accompanied by soothing and relaxing music.

As a Movement Therapist, Sacha enjoys creating greater body awareness amongst her class participants through the use of Functional Movement Patterns, thus improving how we use our bodies on a day to day basis.