Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials from Izzy’s classes:

I often enter my yoga classes frazzled and tired, but I always leave feeling refreshed, calm and stretched. Izzy is a natural and empathic teacher. She creates a haven of peace and makes time to be in tune with individual student needs. I simply can’t recommend her highly enough. All this and a terrific beautiful space to practise in – what more can you ask? 

Deborah Vassey


I am so grateful to Izzy for bringing me back to Yoga!  Although I’d practiced Yoga in the past, life had run away with me and I found myself stressed, sore and at times unable to turn my head to the side…

Izzy’s gentle and positive instruction has helped me to reconnect not just with my body, which is now pain free, but also my emotional health.  She listens to her students and designs her classes accordingly so that each one feels tailored to your needs… a rare skill  

With her encouragement and support we have also explored dynamic breathing and meditation techniques, so that the yoga experience is holistic; the physical and the mental benefits come together and I find myself using the skills we practice in my ‘everyday’ life whenever I need to energise or relax.



Izzy’s experience in yoga practice shows through – approachable, clear instruction and positive encouragement.   I always look forward to my weekly class.

Helen G


I had a yoga lesson with Izzy to help with the physical aches and pains of everyday life and have been very pleasantly surprised how well it has worked out. Not only has it helped with the aches and pains but the mental relaxation has brought a whole set of unexpected benefits. For the first time in years I have been able to run without the fear of hurting my calves. My shoulders are moving freely which has massively helped with swimming. I’m starting to lose weight because the urge to comfort eat has reduced and I’m sleeping better.

All this from one session and practicing at home a couple of times a week!

Only now do I realise how much mental stress I had and how that was causing some of my physical issues.

I very highly recommend trying it.

Simon Heath


 I would highly recommend Izzy’s yoga classes to all levels of experience, beginners up, even if you have never tried yoga the class is welcoming and Izzy is supportive to all.

Caroline Vahora


Isobel’s Yoga classes are very friendly, and full of positive energy. I find the classes enormously beneficial, as Isobel is both highly knowledgeable and professional. She is able to adapt her teaching and will give specific individual instruction, if needed.  She also includes other Yoga techniques, as well as exercises, to help balance the body and the mind. I find the classes are both relaxed and relaxing. I am thrilled at the progress I am making.

Helen Migliorato


Izzy Webster’s classes have been the perfect introduction to yoga. Her clear instructions and demonstrations, along with her relaxed nature, make the classes a pleasure and something to really look forward to. As a yoga newbie I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher or a better venue than Izzy at The Space. Thanks!

Nick Hopkins


I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed classes with Izzy, being small in size means they are friendly and fun whilst remaining challenging. Izzy is very understanding of individual needs and goes out of her way to ensure classes are personalised to suit everyone attending. The Space provides a welcoming and calm location for contemplative yoga whatever your ability.



1:1 Classes;

Izzy has been my individual yoga teacher for nearly three months now, the benefits I feel from mylessons have been two fold; I am physically and mentally stronger. Each session is fitted around me and my needs/wishes on the day. I look forward each week to this time, I have never felt like that before in yoga classes. She is calm, knowledgeable and full of encouragement, putting me at ease from the moment I met her. I enjoy that we talk about the practice, the theory behind it and how it relates to our every day lives, which I find fascinating. Lastly I like that the sessions are also fun!
Thank you Izzy, I appreciate your time.



Prenatal Yoga Student Testimonials:

I attended private Yoga classes with Izzy throughout my pregnancy. These were amazing, Izzy really cares & was interested in my whole pregnancy journey. I felt really supported & looked forward to my lesson each week. Having had 2 previous miscarriages Izzy made me feel really relaxed & helped me remain calm through out (I even feel asleep during some of the relaxation sessions, that’s how relaxed I was!) I couldn’t recommend Izzy highly enough and i am now enjoying the post natal yoga class.

Heidi M


I’d never done yoga before, but found the pre-natal classes with Izzy wonderfully relaxing and a great way to stretch safely throughout my pregnancy. She always tailored the classes to our particular aches and pains. The classes also helped me to prepare mentally for the birth of my daughter, and with breathing and relaxation techniques during labour. I’d thoroughly recommend the classes for all mothers-to-be!

Lucy Harper


I began attending Izzy’s pre-natal yoga classes when I was in my third trimester, the classes were brilliant and a great way to help me relax, I also found the exercises really helpful with back pain in the latter part of my pregnancy. I found the breathing exercises particularly helpful during my labour, and they enabled me to give birth without any pain relief.  I am so glad that I attended the classes! I am now looking forward to attending Izzy’s post-natal yoga classes!

Emily Waterfield