Zoie Tuley

Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Contact: 07968 903 567 / Zoie@tuley.co.uk

A little about Zoie…

Zoie is a qualified reflexologist, with additional training in maternity reflexology and mindful reflexology.

After receiving a course of treatments during her first pregnancy, Zoie became passionate about reflexology. She found receiving reflexology prepared her spiritually, emotionally and physically for the birth of her child. She has subsequently received regular treatments and find that reflexology helps manage her stress levels and provides an opportunity for mindfulness in an otherwise busy life.

After her own experience Zoie took the opportunity to retrain as a reflexologist, with an aim to make complimentary therapies accessible to a wider demographic. With this in mind she is keen to be flexible in her approach, offering treatments in both a clinical environment or in the home and to a range of ages. With a background in childcare, Zoie is particularly interested in working with children and parents.

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